Are you using video to attract top talent?

Recruitment within the NHS and private medical sector is at a national low, and there’s a lot of pressure from both healthcare professionals and the government to fill these positions. But with thousands of positions vacant, how can a medical recruitment video help you attract the right applicant?

You know your organisation has a lot to offer, but potential recruits might not. Therefore, how you showcase your practice is important. Whether on social media, or an open day presentation, an inspiring film will have a lasting impact and communicate positively why a potential recruit should want to work for you.

A strong message is critical for effective recruitment

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 1.3 million people were employed by the NHS (March 2020).  Yet today’s figures (Nov 2021) tell a different story, with approximately 93,000 vacancies to fill across the NHS and recruitment figures remaining in question for private health practices also. 

So at a time when the need for staff is perhaps at its most critical, getting your recruitment message across in an effective manner is crucial. Hiring a professional film crew who not only appreciate the importance of your recruitment film, but also know how to navigate the challenges of filming in healthcare environments, is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Is A Recruitment Video Really Necessary?

Recent research suggests that video has become one of the most powerful recruitment strategy tools.

As 82% of job candidates are now searching for jobs on-the-go (via mobiles/tablets etc) video is a great way of attracting attention due to it being more visually stimulating. Research also suggests that job listings which include a recruitment video attract 34% more applications than those without.

And recruitment agencies have reported that job ads with an embedded video have an 800% higher engagement rate than those without.

A recruitment video not only helps you to showcase your company and services, but also helps you to reach and attract more candidates too –a win-win for all!

How To Get The Most From Your Recruitment Video

Before you get started, here’s a few considerations to help you create a video that’s sure to attract the right applicants for any healthcare vacancy.

  1. Keep It Short.  Between 1-3 minutes is ideal. Anything longer may result in viewers becoming disengaged.

  2. Think Outside the Box.  Recruitment videos don’t always have to be ‘traditional.’
    – Try showcasing your practice documentary style in real-time without edits or cuts (this can be effective but requires some forethought – not everyone will feel comfortable in front of the camera and confidentiality needs to be considered when trying to get everything in one take without cuts).
    – How about a quick-fire Q&A with the staff? – this is a great way to help potential recruits learn more about where they’ll be working/the job they’ll be doing, and even the colleagues they may be working with.
    – Use animation to add another dimension
    All these techniques promote your vacancies in a unique manner, setting you apart from your competitors. If in doubt or you need some ideas, we’re happy to discuss your project with you.
  1. Go Unscripted – Well, mostly. While scripting your content is a great way to ensure you stick to timings and get the important topics covered, it can feel staged or forced if the person isn’t camera confident, which reflects poorly on your organisation and may put candidates off.

    Instead, offer prompts and/or notes and let them speak freely.
  1.  Use a Voiceover.  Hiring a professional voiceover artist is a great way to elaborate on any important details (like your call to action). This will add a professional touch and a sense of authority to your video while giving you the option to reiterate a clear call to action. And if budgets are of concern, this can help you to keep costs low too, as a voiceover can be recorded and then added to past footage, preventing the need to film new content.

  2. Add a Call to Action (CTA).  It’s important that applicants know the next steps to take so make sure your CTA can be clearly viewed throughout the video. A small subtext present at the bottom of the screen can help with this. You should also ensure your CTA is a prominent feature at the end of your video. This can even be read aloud by a voiceover or by a healthcare worker at the end of the film – this is a great way to be inclusive of those who are hard of sight who may not otherwise be able to see the CTA present in the video. Subtitles may also be useful for people watching on the go or who are hard of hearing.

A winning recruitment video is engaging, enjoyable and highlights all the positives of working in your practice, but that’s not to say it should shy away from the reality. We all know that working in a healthcare setting brings many challenges and potential stresses, but creating a recruitment video shouldn’t be one of them.

At Healthcare Films by Wildwood, we’ve had nearly a decade of experience in producing recruitment videos – just like this one here. We work alongside your practice to help you find the balance between promoting a positive working environment, without shying away from the often harsh realities of working in the healthcare industry. If you’re currently recruiting and need an outstanding recruitment video that showcases the best of your practice and why people should want to work with you, then book a FREE 30-min project call with our specialist team here at Wildwood. We can show you how to bring your recruitment video to life and attract the best people to your team – we’re here to help!

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