Engage the public with film that makes a difference

Creating impactful public awareness films that people remember forever




Your Audience

Deliver A
Clear Message

Your Impact

Delivering a memorable message shouldn’t be so tough

Tasked with a video project for your public awareness campaign? That’s a lot resting on your shoulders. You need a production crew you can depend on to deliver a clear message that people will remember forever. Because no one wants to waste time and precious resources with a campaign that just doesn’t engage. Especially not when there is a high level of risk. Can you afford to risk a film production company that delivers…

Poor quality footage

Uninventive concept

A film no-one can hear

An Unclear Message

You deserve an impactful public awareness film that makes a difference you can be proud of

Tailored to your audience

Targeted messaging is key to a successful campaign. We take time to understand who your campaign aims to impact so we can engage people quickly and effectively with a story that will resonate with them.

Designed for impact

A clear message will get lost if the footage is poor or the sound is crackly. Likewise, a stunning-looking film will fall flat if the message is confusing. We make sure every element of your film aligns to deliver effective results.

Delivered by professionals

Captivating storytelling is a real craft – especially when you only have 30 seconds to tell it in. We have 20+ years’ experience honing the art of visual storytelling in ways you may not even have thought of.

Public Awareness Films People remember for years to come

Engaging your audience is critical with a public awareness film. You can’t afford to leave this to chance. Healthcare Films by Wildwood has been creating compelling NHS and Healthcare films that people want to watch since 2014. Our founder Chris Newberry is a former videographer with the Fire Service, responsible for a raft of public safety films where people’s lives depended on a vital message being clearly understood. So we know the pressure you’re under and exactly what it takes to create a film that makes the difference. You’re in safe hands.

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Here’s how we do it

  • 1 SHARE - Tell us about your project so we can fully understand what you want your video to achieve and why.
  • 2 PLAN - We take time to understand your priorities and create a comprehensive plan to navigate any challenges and mitigate risks so you can always realise your creative vision within the constraints you face.
  • 3 FILM - We can take care of everything for you from lighting and location to sound and scripts. We’ll agree a schedule so everyone knows where to be and when. Then we’ll edit and add the expert touches saving you time in the review stage.
  • 4 ENJOY – Feel proud knowing your captivating film delivers a clear message using awesome cinematography - so everyone can experience the excellent care and professionalism you deliver. (On time and in budget too!)

When people’s lives could be at risk, you cannot afford to get this wrong . Book a call with Healthcare Films at Wildwood and have peace of mind you’re working with an experienced, professional film crew that knows how to engage your audience. Because you deserve an impactful film everyone will remember.