Conference And Livestream Video Services
For The Health Sector

TV Quality Coverage And Professional Support To Help You Reach A Wider Audience




No tech hassles

Great quality film

Value for money

Your live event too important to risk a video tech hitch

When you need to reach your audience but can’t get everyone in the room together video logistics are complicated. Getting the right tech in place can be a headache. You need a video production team well-versed in the challenges of livestream and conference filming for the NHS and Healthcare sector so you have complete peace of mind your event will run smoothly – with all angles covered and TV-quality footage everyone will appreciate.

Tech taken care of

There’s nothing worse than a tech snag on the day that affects the whole event. We provide a team of experienced conference and livestream engineers who pre-empt the challenges and make sure your event runs without a hitch.

Quality assured

Poor sound or film quality can risk ruining an event for your audience. Our sound engineers and film crew ensure the very best quality footage is transmitted to your attendees, whether your event is recorded or broadcast in real-time.

Value added

Your event shouldn’t just end when the final speaker closes. We’ll help you get the most out of your footage with intuitive creative support to capture promotional footage for future events, clips for social media and attendee feedback.

Peace of mind your conference coverage Will Be first class

Whether it’s a televised board meeting or a full-scale virtual staff conference your audience deserves to see and hear everything. But that’s easier said than done. At Healthcare Films By Wildwood we understand how critical it is for you to get this right, first time. A poor internet connection shouldn’t stand in the way. We provide effective solutions to make sure you’re always set up for success, with the expertise you need to broadcast your message clearly and professionally.

Supporting NHS Trusts with quality film since 2014

We’ve supported NHS trusts with a wide range of video productions since 2014 and have worked with emergency services and government organisations for more than 20 years. Our film crews work in hospital and healthcare environments every day. Our livestream and conference team taking care of everything from trust board meetings to staff training seminars. We understand the challenges you face and we can help you navigate these so filming and streaming your event never becomes a hassle.

Here’s how we do it

  • 1 SHARE - Tell us about your project so we can fully understand what you want your video to achieve and why.
  • 2 PLAN - We take time to understand your priorities and create a comprehensive plan to navigate any challenges and mitigate risks so you can always realise your creative vision within the constraints you face.
  • 3 FILM - We can take care of everything for you from lighting and location to sound and scripts. We’ll agree a schedule so everyone knows where to be and when. Then we’ll edit and add the expert touches saving you time in the review stage.
  • 4 RELAX – Hold your event, conference or meeting with confidence, knowing you’re broadcasting TV quality coverage that everyone can see and hear clearly, so you can focus on your job knowing everything is taken care of.

"Wildwood have ideas or suggestions that haven't even occurred to us. And I like that. I'm impressed that they get us. That, for me, makes a big difference"

Your event’s too important to let a tech hitch mess it up. Book a call with Healthcare Films by Wildwood and let us take the headache away. You deserve complete peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.