Elevate the image of your healthcare environment

Site tours and drone filming for your NHS and healthcare premises




Safer surveys of
out-of-reach sites

Support Your Patients with site tours

Showcase with spectacular footage

Filming your whole site can be easier than you think

A good patient experience is not just about the care people receive – a lot depends on the environment they receive their care in too. But maintaining your site and providing the best possible experience can be tough when some areas are more difficult to access. Aerial or drone filming is the answer. But you need an expert who can get the exact footage you need, safely.

Survey your site

Maintenance teams save time and reduce risk with aerial surveys for elevated areas such as clocktowers and roofs. Footage can even be used to assess potential for site development and traffic flow.

Support your patients

Attending hospital is stressful enough without having to find the right entrance or where to park. Creating drone footage of a site tour can be an invaluable tool to help your service users prepare for their visit with confidence.

Promote Your Service

Healthcare recruitment is tough and highly competitive – so you need to stand out to recruit the very best team. Aerial footage is a great way to enhance the promotion of your organisation and attract the right staff.

Get professional aerial footage – filmed safely

Aerial filming is not without its risks. You need peace of mind you have a film crew that understands the challenges and will navigate them safely. At Wildwood, we make sure safety is always our first priority. Our crew members are:

  • Fully licensed drone photographers
  • Comprehensively insured
  • Well versed in completing risk assessments associated with a hospital and healthcare environment

Trusted by NHS and Healthcare organisations since 2014

Healthcare Films At Wildwood has been creating successful NHS and Healthcare campaigns since 2014. Our founder Chris Newberry is a former videographer with the Fire Service, capturing high quality film for logistical, promotional and PR use on a daily basis. So, you’re in safe hands. We know exactly what it takes to capture the footage you need, safely.

Here’s how we do it

  • 1 SHARE - Tell us about your project so we can fully understand what you want your video to achieve and why.
  • 2 PLAN - We take time to understand your priorities and create a comprehensive plan to navigate any challenges and mitigate risks so you can always realise your creative vision within the constraints you face.
  • 3 FILM - We can take care of everything for you from lighting and location to sound and scripts. We’ll agree a schedule so everyone knows where to be and when. Then we’ll edit and add the expert touches saving you time in the review stage.
  • 4 RELAX – Have peace of mind you have the professional footage you need, on time and in budget, with no unnecessary risks taken during the process.

"Wildwood have ideas or suggestions that haven't even occurred to us. And I like that. I'm impressed that they get us. That, for me, makes a big difference"

High Quality Film for the Following NHS Projects:

  • Conferences
  • Livestreaming
  • Promotional films
  • Public awareness
  • Recruitment
  • Public health
  • Campaigns
  • Social media content
  • PR footage
  • Training films for the public and internal use
  • Aerial filming
  • Site tour videos
  • Educational Films
  • Animation

Healthcare Films by Wildwood is part of the growing Wildwood family. We also serve businesses and organisations through Wildwood Media, stream concerts and real-time events through Wildwood Live and create feature-length films through Wildwood Films. The talented crew behind the Wildwood family have a broad skill set with special areas of focus so you can rest assured you always have the expertise you need when you contract our services.

Don’t be defeated by hard to access areas. Book a call with Healthcare Films at Wildwood and get the drone footage you need to get the job done safely and professionally.