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Creating Engaging Training Videos for the NHS And Healthcare sector




Clear message

Creative approach

Value for money

Training shouldn’t send people to sleep

When training your NHS and Healthcare teams takes precious time away from their day jobs you need it to deliver first time. Here’s the thing. Classroom methods fail to engage every learner and dull PowerPoint presentations risk sending everyone to sleep. You need a training video that hits home first time round so your people learn fast and effectively.

Access with ease

Access training anytime, anywhere. Training videos can save your learners precious time out of their day jobs by enabling people to access training remotely, reducing time in the classroom away from their job.

Learn effectively

Don’t risk your training falling flat with poorly-angled shots or a muffled presenter. We make sure every element of your film aligns to deliver effective, professional results learners will want to sit up and listen to.

Present like a pro

Camera-shy trainer? No problem. We’ve coached hundreds of people to have camera confidence and present like a pro. We can advise on the right people to present plus voice-over and actor options.

Impactful training films that people learn more effectively from

A clear picture and crisp sound is essential for people to comprehend what they need to learn and why. But that doesn’t mean training films need be dull. Healthcare Films by Wildwood have been producing creative and engaging training and education films for the NHS and Healthcare Sector since 2014. Our founder Chris Newberry is a former videographer with the Fire Service, responsible for a raft of training and education films so we know what it takes to create a video training tools that learners love and engage with. We’ve got this.

Get a training film that engages your team

  • 1 SHARE - Tell us about your project so we can fully understand what you want your video to achieve and why.
  • 2 PLAN - We take time to understand your priorities and create a comprehensive plan to navigate any challenges and mitigate risks so you can always realise your creative vision within the constraints you face.
  • 3 FILM - We can take care of everything for you from lighting and location to sound and scripts. We’ll agree a schedule so everyone knows where to be and when. Then we’ll edit and add the expert touches saving you time in the review stage.
  • 4 TRAIN – Relax knowing your captivating film is driving a clear message home to your learners that they will remember. (On time and in budget too!)

Don’t risk your training switching people off. Book a call with Healthcare Films by Wildwood and have peace of mind you’re working with an experienced, professional film crew who know how to create training videos people pay attention to. Because your people deserve great quality training they can learn from with ease.