Are you making use of aerial filming in your healthcare setting?

Aerial filming… Drones… Flying robots in the sky… Whatever you want to call them you can’t deny they’re pretty cool. Yes, they might have made headlines for shutting down Gatwick airport in the past, but when used by professionals who follow strict safety protocols they’re a fantastic addition to the filmmakers’ toolkit. Yet so many organisations choose to shy away from them because they think they’re going to be complex, expensive and a nightmare to work with. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. This method of filming isn’t becoming more prevalent just because it’s more accessible and affordable – it actually adds a lot of value to your film, not just for aesthetic purposes, but for practical ones too.

And we’re here to tell you why! Here are 6 reasons you should be using aerial footage in your healthcare organisation…

1. Promote your organisation and stand out from the crowd

Even healthcare has digital marketing/comms teams working to create marketing collateral! And one of the most important aspects of marketing is to stand out from your competition. Aerial drone footage is fantastic for adding something special to your content. You can create visually stunning marketing collateral by injecting a simple aerial shot into your visuals. They bring with them a look and feel of professionalism and keep your hospital or healthcare practice looking up to date and modern. Take a look at some of the aerial footage we’ve shot to see what we mean here.

2. Build trust

Aerial footage isn’t just great for aesthetics – it also helps with getting people to trust you. No one wants to feel like they’re going to a hospital with outdated and archaic treatments – seeing fresh, modern aerial footage across your website/social media gives the impression that your practice is state of the art and inspires confidence in your organisation. This also really helps when it comes to recruitment videos and bringing on new staff.

3. Put your patients at ease

Going to the hospital is daunting enough without the added worry of where you’re going to park or how you’re going to find the department you need to be at. For many people, the anxiety about being late or getting lost can really add to an already heightened state of emotions. Using aerial filming to create a site tour of your facilities is a brilliant way to put your patients at ease before they even step foot over your threshold. You can showcase where the car parks are, where the entrances and exits are, and even include a video with some of the team they’ll be meeting.

4. Showcase potential developments

Filming can be a highly effective tool to assist with any development of your healthcare practice or hospital. No more relying on a static PowerPoint presentation to bring your vision to life. Aerial filming is a great way to capture the complete picture of your current site and identify areas for improvement or development. Aerial footage can help your healthcare practice highlight issues too that may affect the smooth running of services – for example, inefficient high traffic flow areas that cause delays and chaos. Having this footage could aid in any applications for funding to have these areas of your hospital or practice redeveloped or improved.

5. Helpful for inspections

Making sure your healthcare premises is safe is of paramount importance – but when it comes to hard-to-reach places, hiring out specialist safety kit and cherry pickers for inspections can get expensive. Using aerial filming for inspections of the site can save you time and money. Drones have the ability to film in those tricky out of reach areas, inspecting everything for you from roofs to pipes. Yes, they’re not only great for the bigger picture, they’re also small enough to get up close and personal to areas like air vents and pipe work. You’ll also be able to review the footage afterwards as many times as you like.

6. Aerial filming is cost-effective

Surprisingly enough, aerial filming is very cost-effective. You don’t have to own a helicopter and have you own private pilot to get great aerial footage anymore. Gone are the days of this kind of filming only being possible for elite film makers with deep pockets. Drones are now part of the mainstream and as a result they’re much more accessible, easier to manage and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Safety first – hire the professionals

With all of this being said, while aerial filming is fantastic it’s not without risks so it’s important that you hire people who know what they’re doing. At Healthcare Films by Wildwood we are well versed in completing risk assessments associated with filming in a healthcare and aerial environment. Not only do we keep up to date with all the current rules and regulations relating to aerial filming, but we use a fully CAA licensed pilot and are comprehensively insured. We’ll also make sure we check every location before we start filming to ensure everyone who needs to know of our presence is informed (your healthcare setting might make headlines for a phenomenal film, but not for shutting down Gatwick!)

When you work with us you’ll get more than just brilliant aerial drone footage – you’ll get peace of mind that your film crew understand the challenges you face and will know how to navigate them safely. So whether you’re looking for a promotional video, a recruitment video or a site tour, if you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, schedule a free 30 minute call with us today.  

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